2016 Bordeaux En Primeur.

“Vintage of a lifetime.”


Langton's has long been Australia's premier destination for En Primeur, led by co-founder Andrew Caillard MW, who first attended the annual tastings in Bordeaux for the 2004 vintage.

En Primeur translates as "of the first" and is the Bordeaux Wine Futures market. Effectively it is the purchase of young wine still in barrel. Since the mid-1970s, this has been the primary point of access to the Bordeaux marketplace for the consumer.

How It Works

Each year, Langton’s travels to Bordeaux to attend barrel tastings - this year represented by Andrew Caillard MW and our Head of Buying Tom Portet (the only Australians with this kind of on-the-ground access). Follow these intrepid gents on their French sojourn here.

As the Chateaux and negociants release their wines (usually over a number of weeks from the end of April), our buyers work around the clock to secure allocations. We only buy wines that we have tasted, and all purchases made through Langton’s are fully secured until their arrival on Australian shores.

Why En Primeur?

Purchasing En Primeur allows you to secure parcels of some of the world’s most sought-after wines before they are bottled and officially released to the open market. Moreover, En Primeur pricing is generally considerably cheaper than the eventual release price.

This method of purchase is also a guarantee of provenance. Your wine is matured and then stored in perfect conditions at its Château of origin. Held in bond until the time of its release and shipment to Australia, you can be confident in its authenticity and record of ownership.

How long?

We expect the 2016 En Primeur to reach Australian shores in the second half of 2019. However this is wholly dependent on the Châteaux themselves in regards to when they choose to release the wine.


All prices quoted on the Langton's website and via Langton's Brokerage are inclusive of shipping and all taxes French and Australian. You can be assured of competitive - if not best in Australia - pricing across the board as well as your purchase being guaranteed and secured by Langton's.

Secure Your Allocation

There are two purchase methods available:


Browse our collection now, make your selections and pay securely online. The wine will be shipped in the latter part of 2019.



Request a call from one of our expert brokers. They are available at a time that suits you to offer advice and guide you through the process.


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