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By purchasing a bottle from Dr Tony Jordan's private cellar, you will join a very lucky group of wine enthusiasts who will get to taste wines personally collected by an icon of the Aussie wine scene. A man that was respected the world over and did as much for the industry as anyone has. With so much interest comes plenty of questions. Before you bid, take a moment to browse our most frequently asked questions about the Dr Tony Jordan catalogue.

Why are Tony's family selling his wines?

Dr Jordan was lucky enough to travel to some of the world's finest regions and drink their best wines. Over the years he collected as well as he consumed. Since his sad death a couple of years ago, his family have decided it's time to release his treasures into the market and allow others to drink as well as he did.

What should I do once my wine arrives?
Set it down in a cool, dark place for a day or two. This allows the wine to settle back into itself and removes what we term 'bottle shock' – a muting of flavours and aromatics common following a wine's transportation.

What's the sticker on the bottle?
We have affixed a special sticker to each bottle to show provenance. It proves that the wine was stored in Tony's cellar as part of his personal wine selection.

Can I continue to cellar these wines into the future?
Of course, you can. But be mindful that many of these wines are ready to drink now. The storage has been done for you.

Were Tony's cellar conditions right for storing wine long-term?
As you would expect from a man as careful and fastidious as Dr Jordan was, his wines were stored incredibly well. Tony's cellar was constant and cool - the perfect temperature to protect his beloved bottles.

Some of the wine looks to have evaporated from the bottle. Does that mean the wine is off?
Not at all. Wine can diminish from a bottle for a number of reasons. In the case of old bottles, the space left when wine does leak out isn't necessarily oxygen, but rather nitrogen, an inert gas that doesn't do harm to the wine. So a wine showing low shoulder height doesn't necessarily mean the wine has gone bad. 

The labels are old and scratched. Why?
These wines are old and old wine labels will often show damage, no matter how careful the owner is.

Will every bottle I buy from this auction be perfect?
Hopefully yes, but realistically, no. Our specialist team have spent weeks closely assessing and cataloguing each of these wines, but, as with all wine, not every bottle will be perfect.

There is a lot of sparkling wine, why?
Dr Jordan was at the forefront of Australia's Sparkling wine industry and employed by Moet Hennessy to consult on Domaine Chandon. He even ran the business in the Yarra. He was a sparkling wine lover and his cellar proves that.

If my wine doesn't taste right do I get a refund?
As with all of our auction wines, these too are buyer beware. Please look at the photos closely and read the information provided before bidding.

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