Mount Mary



When he named Mount Mary his 2018 Winery of the Year last week, James Halliday was clear: ‘…its star shines brighter than that of any of the 174 wineries in the Yarra Valley.’

Mount Mary’s wines had an enormous impact right from the beginning.

John Middleton, inspired by Bordeaux and Burgundy, argued forcefully that Australian wines – especially red wines – did not have to be big to be beautiful.

He founded Mount Mary in 1971 and by the mid-1980s was consistently producing wines that proved his point.

At the same time he was adding strength and substance to the experiment that was then Australian Pinot Noir. As Halliday says:

‘A single word cannot possibly do justice to Mount Mary’s Quintet, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Triolet. But they are joined at the hip by elegance. By all means add balance, purity and length, and as a codicil add longevity…’

Three of these four ‘masterworks’ (as Halliday calls them) quickly gained such a dedicated following that they shouldered their way into the inaugural Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine in 1990 and have never been dislodged.

Many no doubt feared the venture might not survive the 2006 death of its founder, but today Mount Mary is stronger than ever – and remains in family hands, with Middleton’s son David and granddaughter Claire running the business and grandson Sam in charge of the winery.

For Sam Middleton, his grandfather’s passionate search for perfection was an inspiration in itself.

‘Wine’s that ever-changing thing… You can never nail that absolute best wine… There’s always something you can improve on… Seasonal variations and weather conditions are always getting in the way of your ideals… You can always make a better wine.’

Take a look at our six-vintage collection of the Mount Mary flagship Quintet – a Bordeaux-style blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, malbec and petit verdot.

It’s available to buy right now.

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Mount Mary Quintet Vertical Six


Mount Mary’s 2015s – from a great Yarra Valley vintage – will be released in October. Among them is James Halliday’s Pinot Noir of the Year, the 2015 Mount Mary.

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